I'm for sale and

I work Sundays


I'm Lisa Savage and I have been referred to as an 'Archive Queen' with a little 'good' crazy thrown in. I have been working in the world of archive since 1990 which is ages (yes, before the www existed) and that means I am a really really experienced Archive Researcher and Archive Producer. Throw in some multi-tasking and some good old fashioned work pressure and I'm in heaven!

I thrive on story telling through archive and am up for any challenge, the harder the better.  I think outside the box - my visual mind and dedication means if Plan A is not achievable, I'll give you a Plan B.  I don't believe in a 9-5 week, if I have a job to do, I do it, whatever the time, whatever the day.  I clear, negotiate and license like a machine but trust me, I am very zen on the inside.

Even though not my field of expertise, I've produced, production managed, line-produced, story and talent researched, even designed press releases at 1am.  I am up for anything and what I can't do, I'll find you someone great who can.

I've worked on television commercials, documentaries, feature films, musicals, dramas, print campaigns.  I've worked with Hollywood Directors, Oscar winning Producers, great people, interesting people, crazy people and if you send me your brief, I will love working with you too.



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Buried away in Marrickville (the Inner West of Sydney), this is where it all happens.  The late nights, the loving relationship with my coffee machine, close to Officeworks, close to Bunnings, Spotify for every mood, Menulog or Deliveroo on standby and a fully stocked alcohol cabinet (or Jimmy Brings) if required.   Can't leave out Dropbox, WeTransfer, Transmission, Video Converters and what I don't have, I'll get.

What more does an Archive Producer need?